The Adventures of Liam the Leprechaun is an emerging YouTube spin-off of Annoying Orange. It stars Bobjenz as Liam the Leprechaun on various magical adventures and meeting several new... er... friends. They are often parodies of mythology and popular culture.


Liam the Leprechaun was first created by Daneboe and Bobjenz as a guest in an episode of Annoying Orange. He since starred in a second Annoying Orange short and a Wicked Awesome Films episode, Leprechaun in a Tree. Liam eventually became sick of being crushed with his own Pot o' Gold, and got his own spin-off.


Blast the Annoying Orange! Leprechaun gets his own YouTube channel!Edit

Liam explains his plans, and introduces characters who will appear later.

Leprechaun vs. Grapefruit!Edit

Liam meets Grapefruit, and is forced to grant him three wishes for his pot o' gold.

Double Rainbow, Triple Rainbow, MONSTER RAINBOW!!!Edit

Liam must find a way to get rid of a monster rainbow.


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